Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grandma Hands

I have Grandma hands.
Used to be that my hands were beautiful. Not puffy or wrinkled. When I was young my nails were long and I would paint them chocolate brown. That was in the 70s when chocolate brown fingernails were radical and blue nail polish was never heard of. I was pretty once, too. On a good day. (sigh)

But years offer dreams that actually come true for some of us. The same dreams also require us to give away parts of ourselves. I could list for you all the names I find most beautiful in the world. The names that belong to the ones I've given parts of my life to. Two wonderful and very different husbands (at different times, of course), 7 children, one grandchild and one loaner whom I can't seem to not love dearly. That's makes 12 if you weren't counting.

One day, before I saw it coming, after all the diaper changes and sippy cup fills, dishes and dinners, craft projects and laundry, I looked through the soap suds and saw Grandma hands.

Do I miss the brown nail polish? Maybe a little. But my hands are ready for the next job in my life. If God wills that more dreams come true, I'll be changing more diapers and filling more
sippy cups. And hopefully keep giving myself away.

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